FastMicro Sample Scanner

Indirect measurements: any place, any time

The FastMicro Sample Scanner is developed to measure surface particle contamination levels indirectly using samplers. These samplers benefit the user to take particle samples at any time on various equipment areas.

It even allows robust measurements at places difficult to reach or relatively rough surfaces. No measurable residue is left behind. The samples are measured within seconds on the sample scanner, showing a measurement area of 225 mm2. The samplers can also be transported in a clean sampler holder, re-measured and further analyzed.

Consistent measurements in process

  1. Image in seconds
  2. High production throughput in less than a minute
  3. Accurate measurements: quantity, position and size ≥ 500 nm
  4. Ease of use, operator independent

FastMicro has transformed our inspection capability business significantly. Before migrating to this new inspection tool, we saw a 50% variation in the particle count measurements. This is now reduced to less than 10% in combination with a particle detection limit that went down significantly by more than one order of magnitude to 500nm. We have confidence in the FastMicro scanner to help us with finding an excellent quantification of the surface cleanliness of critical parts.

As valued customer, I know that the integration of FastMicro has allowed us to reach our required machine defectivity performance.

Besides accurate measurements, the tool offers ease of use and high throughput features. We appreciate the professional service and collaboration with FastMicro to extend the capabilities of the tool further in the future.

Dr. Ir. L.H.A. Leunissen

Cleanliness Project Manager, ASML