FastMicro Product Scanner


Direct measurements on product surface

The FastMicro Product Scanner is developed to measure surface particle contamination levels directly on a large product surface: such as blank wafers, backside of wavers, reticles, both sides of pellicles, displays and other products.

The scanner has an unlimited scanning area in one measurement due to the modular and scalable design. The system can be customized, depending on the shape and position of the surface that needs to be tested. The scanner module is also available as a white label solution for system integrators.

Consistent measurements in process

  1. Image in seconds on large surface
  2. An unlimited scanning area in one measurement
  3. High production throughput in minutes
  4. Accurate measurements: quantity, position and size ≥ 200 nm
  5. Ease of use, operator independent: even automated handling
  6. Your product stays clean: no contact, no contamination
  7. Fit for qualification and monitoring in production, as well as in an R&D environment

Modular: fit for each production process

The modular FastMicro Product Scanner can be customized to fit in each production qualification process or in a production line. This can include clean and automated handling: package openers for inspection and cleaning, filling stations, robot arms, an inspection spot and a port for cleaning. The FastMicro module allows for a scaled inspection surface to suit customer needs, without introducing extra imaging time.