Who we are

FastMicro takes care of its customers’ most challenging needs in surface particle contamination measurements. FastMicro was founded in 2019 in Geldrop, after 15 year of research and development based on technology co-developed with research institute TNO.

We can detect smaller particles compared to similar, best in class equipment. Our fast, high production throughput, accurate and quantitative scanners are now globally available in ten countries.

Our vision

There is an increasing need for clean products in the industry. Contamination is an increasing challenge, limiting performance and causing waste. Wouldn’t it be great if we would know if and where particle contamination is, and where it’s not. Providing knowledge that allows for conscious and precise decisions about where to protect, clean or release.

We started from an industry need, with an ever increasing challenge for more accurate mechatronic systems. Cleaner systems are vital to achieve this accuracy. Particle contamination inspection can improve this performance, but more important, it can avoid defects and yield loss in the production process. Lower detection limits are required with the industry’s rising demands. To achieve this, quantitative, operator-independent, fast, and affordable measurement systems are required. 

What do we want to achieve?

We provide best in class particle measurement solutions. Our technology can detect particles starting at 0,5 µm on a surface, using a sampler as intermediary. On special surfaces, like wafers,  a detection limit starting at 0,2 µm is possible. Our scanners can be used as particle cleanliness quantification method. This will lead to improved industrial yield performance, increased product performance and reduced waste. 

Our core values / objectives

  • Leading position in particle detection
  • Quality first, zero defect mentality
  • Service & logistics as core competence
  • Great to work with
  • Sustainable financials