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Control your Cleanliness

We take care of our customers’ most challenging needs in fast particle contamination inspection & characterization

In the world of microelectronics systems are getting smaller and require higher accuracy. Improved surface particle cleanliness and defectivity control, preferably below the micrometer range, is required to keep performance and achieve high yield. But how can you quickly and accurately inspect the cleanliness of your critical products or surfaces? How do you know if your production, cleaning or handling processes are adequate over time? Preventive measurements can avoid defects and yield loss during production. This is where FastMicro comes in with the new standard in surface particle contamination measurements to control your cleanliness: fast, high throughput, accurate, quantitative and operator independent.

FastMicro was founded in 2019 in Geldrop, after 15 year of research and development based on technology co-developed with research institute TNO